Raster vs Vector

Did You Know?

What is the difference between raster and vector? This question is typically asked by marketing directors, designers and anyone needing printing.  May seem hard to grasp but once explained you should be able to manage the task for any future use. I will explain the difference in this "Did You Know" segment. Along with when to use one or the other!

Raster Vs. Vector

A raster image is made of up pixels arranged to display an image. If size of image is scaled it will increase the raster and cause it to be visibly blurry. A vector image is made up of paths and shapes (points, lines and curves), each with a mathematical equation (vector) that tells the path how it is shaped and what color it is bordered with or filled by. So a vector image does preserve appearance regardless of size.

Raster images are equipped to displaying a large variety of colors in a single image and allow for greater color editing than a vector. Majority of images on the web are raster images typically being a .jpeg. Vector images are scalable, so one design can be used from a business pad to a large banner. Typically a logo design would be done in a Vector format typically using Illustrator whereas Photoshop handles raster imaging. 

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